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Squash Masters Slovakia 2019

Welcome to the Squash Masters Slovakia 2019!

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia!

The capital of each state is grateful for its development not only to its inhabitants but also to people from regions of the country. And that is what Bratislava wants to be for its visitors. Many of the events are available to the general public free of charge throughout the year; every first Sunday of the month you can visit national museums and galleries without paying an entrance fee, provided that during the opening of the tourist season in April Bratislava joins everyone when they open city gate wide open and everyone is welcome. Whether you're planning to spend an afternoon, a week or a year in the city, there's still something to do.

We believe that during Squash Masters Slovakia you will feel comfortable in our capital city and that you will enjoy a Christmas atmosphere that will feel everywhere!


Zero tolerance to delayed arrivals

We understand that perfect flights are not always up-to-date, and that if you plan to fly early in the morning, you will save one night's costs. However, the unfortunate launch of a big tournament means perfect organization and compliance with ESF rules. The two rules worth mentioning are the minimum time between matches and the closing ceremony time to catch your flights. If 10 players ask to move their matches, it will affect 20 players in one round, but also in the second round of all players, because we need to give them enough time to recover. Therefore, we (TD of various tournaments) consulted the ESF Master Committee on this issue and we have to go "not to accept this behavior". We are not trying to punish but
Most players who invest their time and money to come in time.

Final matches

All final and 3rd / 4th place matches will be scheduled to play on Sunday at scheduled times. If you think you could participate in these matches, but your plane leaves early on Sunday, tell us before the tournament so we can plan accordingly. Please note that this should be the climax of the tournament, so I kindly ask you for the most suitable planning of your trip.


During the whole event, refreshments such as drinks and fruit will be available for all players.

In each center it will be possible to buy sandwiches, sticks and possibly from the bar as available.


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